The Growing Popularity of Salt Water Pools in Miami

salt systems in MiamiThe popularity of salt water pools has been continuously growing in Miami since this kind of system was first introduced. More and more pool owners choose to have salt instead of chlorine tablets in their pools for a number of good reasons. Actually, although it is relatively more expensive to build salt water pools instead of regular chlorine-treated pools, people still prefer the former because they provide a number of benefits for swimming pool owners and users as well. Thus, most homewoners opt to try pool salt systems in Miami.

Salt Systems in Miami

Though salt water pools are always compared with regular chlorine pools, we will not focus on whether they’re better. Instead, let’s look at some of the advantages that salt systems can provide.
The most important advantage of having salt water pools is that they do not solely use chemicals or chlorine for water sanitation. These pools have salt generators that break down salt and dissolve them into the water, thus ridding of bacteria that may have lingered over time. There’s a small amount of chlorine since it’s a byproduct of salt and water but its quantity is really less than that of regular, chlorinated pools.

Another benefit is that salt water pools require less time and less effort for maintenance. Salt is added only when needed, usually just about $20 worth for the entire summer season’s use. So technically, the maintenance cost is less expensive with salt water pools. Last but not least, the water won’t be harmful to the skin or stingy to the eyes. In fact, it won’t even taste as salty as seawater.

How To Maintain Salt Water Pools in Miami

 Salt water pools require more attention than those pools situated in areas with cooler climate. There are a couple of things to remember when trying to maintain these kinds of pools. First of all, the correct salt & stabilizer levels should be preserved. The salt level shouldn’t drop to the point where your pool system can no longer produce chlorine because that will then compromise sanitation. Also remember that too much exposure to sunlight will burn the small amount of chlorine your pool currently has. With this being said, you should check your system’s PH & salt levels regularly and add salt or water as needed.

 Invest On A Salt Water Pool for Your Miami Home Now!

Considering the advantages of a salt water pool to your skin, eyes and budget, you must seriously think about having one. You won’t have to deal with chlorine to sanitize and treat your pool and you’ll love the easy-on-the-wallet maintenance cost. People will surely enjoy the fresh, clean and safe water throughout the year, especially during summer when the heat climbs high on the temperature scale. If you want to switch from your regular chlorinated pool or if you’re in the process of having a new swimming pool built for your family or business, then don’t hesitate to pick out the best experts on pool salt systems in Miami today.