The Importance of Vinyl Repair for Your Miami Pool

Vinyl Pool Repair in MiamiVinyl Pool Repair in Miami

A vinyl pool is one which has a sheet of vinyl that is custom made between the structure of the pool and the water. This, unlike concrete or gunite pools does not make use of plaster as its waterproofing surface.  Vinyl pools are also common in Florida, so  Vinyl pool repair in Miami is a very vital service.

Commonly, vinyl liners lock the edge that is on their top side that is known as a bead into a track and is found on the coping’s bottom at the level of the deck. Below the liner is a cementitious or sand floor, which has its dimension specified to “cut” off the liner that has to be made use of. The floor rises to a point where it is in contact with the walls which are mostly 3ft by 8ft panels and are made using thermoplastic or galvanized steel.

These walls receive their support from behind to avoid them from bowing out against the water’s weight. All the panels of the wall are secured as one to create the perimeter shape of the swimming pool. Due to this fact, the vinyl liner pool has a number of limitations when it comes to its possible shapes.

Vinyl Liners and Your Swimming Pool Shape

Vinyl liners are made in such a way that they should fit very tightly on to the pool’s shape. In the event that the liner was put a little away from the center or it is too big or too small for the shape of the pool, at one time the bead might come out of the track. However, it is possible to carry out a vinyl pool repair. You can use a blow dryer or a heat gun and a lot of grease from your elbows to stretch and lock back the bead inside the track.

You can also make use of boiling hot water to stretch a liner. In the event that this problem keeps on recurring, you can make use of a liner lock to ensure that the bead remains in the track. It is most advisable to seek the help of a professional vinyl pool repair contractor to avoid melting or stretching the liner too much. You also ought to be very cautious when using electric equipment next to the pool.

Getting the Right Vinyl Pool Contractor

A lot of pushing and pulling is usually involved in putting a liner back into its track. In a number of cases, you will have to decrease they level of the water at least a foot in the event that it is too deep into the pool. It is more advisable to repair the track in small bits other than to wait and have to repair a very big portion of it and have to decrease the level of water.

To make it easy to put the track back, use a hair dryer to heat it and thus cause it to stretch easily. Take caution and ensure that the dryer is always in motion and does not get too near to the vinyl. It is always advisable to seek the advice of experts in the field of vinyl pool repair in Miami to ensure that you do not further damage the track.